Coombes Field 4 Dogs

About Us

In a world where open space is limited, allowing dogs the freedom to safely run and play off leash is often hard to find.

At Coombes Field 4 Dogs - your dogs are free to enjoy almost 2 acres of uninterrupted space. Secured by a 2 metre deer fence perimeter and guaranteed for your private sole use, you can make the most of the time, however you choose to spend it.

This is the perfect environment if your dog is reactive or difficult to walk or exercise because you have sole use - just for you and your dog and nobody to bother you, just drive in, secure the gates, relax and let your dog enjoy the freedom.

If like many, your dog has recall issues (or selective hearing) the enclosed exercise area is a great place to practice recall, safe in the knowledge that your dog is in a secure space.

Worried about letting your puppy off the leash is understandable but the field is an ideal place to start training your pup. Give the the freedom to explore and enjoy the eagerness they express to please you as they learn recall.

Our field provides dog owners with opportunities to spend quality time with your dogs and this is especially important if you have recently given a home to a rescue dog. Here you have the chance to build on the bond you are already forming in the secure environment.

Whatever your reason for booking, simply spend some quality time with your dog(s) and enjoy the peace, security and stunning views over the river Adur within the picturesque South Downs National Park.